WEBSITE: At Roche Consulting Group we understand that a website is the first point of contact for our clients. Making sure that this virtual image of your company is up to par, plays a big role in bringing credibility to your business. We have all seen awful websites that look like they were made when the internet first started; that first impression dictates to the browser how serious the business is. A poor website leads to poor sales or client generation; its like going to a meeting where the person is dressed up in a 3 piece suit but ended it off with sneakers at the bottom.

**We are providing an introductory offer of 50%-off for website designing-for a limited time. For a quote please email us:

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LOGO: We also provide logo designing services to your clients. Please email us for your quote on logo designing.

PACKAGES: We provide website & logo designing packages as well; please contact us for a quote.

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